Because all children deserve
to be happy, healthy and safe

Family Futures believes every child deserves a chance to thrive. It all starts by building strong families – and that’s what our services do. Through parent support, education and prevention-based programming, we are impacting the community now and for years to come.

Our programs and resources are designed to provide a wide range of support for West Michigan parents, teens and families to meet them where they are at.

Swaddles and sleepsacks for sale

Safe sleep is a good thing. So is giving back to Family Futures. Purchase a Family Futures swaddle or sleepsack and you can accomplish both! Now for sale in multiple sizes at prices well below what you’ll find in stores. Click here to check them out!


Each year for the Service to Children Awards, we let the community decide on a category to award. Well, now’s your time to be heard! Vote here to let us know what type of category you’d like to see at the awards next spring.


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